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This Is Me

See this kid in the pic - that's Avery! He's my first born (2009). He's the reason we're all here on this site right now. Yep, all cuz of a kid.
Even as a new babe, this one refused to have ANY chemicals in the house.
We don't need the long story, so here's the Cole's Notes: He broke out in rashes with any lotion, perfume, soap, detergent, blah blah blah. So this mama had to get crafty.
Me in a Nutshell 


biz owner (a few of them...oh yeah)

believer of intentions 

and homemade chocolate

homeschooling mama


hippie at heart

That's where essential oils came into my life - in 2009. I dedicated my new role as a mama to being as natural as possible! And, seriously, I even hugged trees (wait, that sounds like past tense and if we're being honest here, I still do).
Back to the oils - a few years after using the '100% pure, organic' oils from the health food stores, I was told about doTERRA. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was. I had been using a few different brands of the best oils I could find at health food stores and online and I was happy to continue to do so.

I mean, I'd made a kid so making our own body care and
cleaning products couldn't be TOO hard.
Why would I bother changing to another company? They’re all pretty much the same, right? I mean, an oil is an oil.
I was sampled a few oils to try so I could compare. I was pretty skeptical they would be anything more than what I already had. I was pretty certain mine were awesome. Boy, was I wrong.
Just the initial smell comparison was surprising enough. But when I actually used them on us for supporting our health, I was blown away. It was one thing to see results with myself, but to see them with my boys - INCREDIBLE! There is no placebo affect when it comes to kids and my two were the greatest experiment to compare the purity and potency of doTERRA with my current oils.

I get this question a lot: WHY dōTERRA?
That was my question, too. I mean, how could these oils be SO DIFFERENT in the way they support our body so well compared to the exact same oils on the shelves of health food stores or from other well-known companies online?
Well, there are a few reasons and they all add up to make the impact no other comes close to.
Since essential oils are not regulated by any governing body, there's a lot of room for interpretation. For example, 100% "pure" could still mean there's synthetics, but just no carrier oil diluting it, etc. Be careful what you buy from stores….even Wal Mart carries a “100% pure Lavender oil” that’s been tested and doesn’t actually have Lavender in it, but a cousin of the plant, along with synthetics.
Just like there are many species of grapes or tomatoes, the same is true with the plants for essential oils. This makes a huge difference in the quality and purity, just like certain grapes are needed for an excellent quality of wine - cheap grapes = cheap wine. This is the same with essential oils.
Indigenously Sourced
Lavender grows indigenously in Europe. That means it's been grown there for thousands of years and where it's originally from. A plant is at it’s purest form when grown indigenously. It’s that eco-system, soil, climate, etc. that make the oil as pure and potent as it is supposed to be. You can't re-create that in another part of the world, in a greenhouse, etc. 
If you've ever compared a pineapple from your local grocery store to one picked ripe from a plantation in Hawaii you would be able to see, smell, and taste the difference. That's because the grocery store pineapple was picked long before it was ready and had to ripen on the journey to your counter. This concept is the same for essential oils. If harvesting happens too soon or too late, it can dramatically change the chemical properties of an essential oil. doTERRA prides themselves on this - harvesting only when the plant is meant to be harvest.
Time of Harvesting
Properly Distilled
There are a lot of ways to distill and a lot can cut the quality. Even with steam distillation (which doTERRA uses in most non-citrus oils). Many companies are looking to cut prices so they use high heat and high pressure so they get the most amount of oil for the least amount of cost. Much of the therapeutic compounds are altered by this. Think about what happens to the enzymes in your vegetables when you cook them at high temperatures.
A couple of doTERRA’s founders had experience working with other companies in the past. One of the main concerns they had was the inconsistencies between what the company claimed the product to be versus what it actually was when they saw the test results come back. This is why doTERRA is insistent with our oils being tested by 3rd party labs. We use them internally and put them on our loved ones - that’s a big deal! Knowing this, doTERRA goes above and beyond with their quality control standards to ensure nothing less than their definition of CPTG standard gets through.
Thorough Testing
The Oils Themselves
 There are hundreds of essential oil companies out there. Many of them have been around for decades. doTERRA has been in business for 8 years, but shot passed all other companies to become the world's largest essential company after only 7 short years. No matter how incredible your marketing strategy might be, you simply don't have that type of growth unless your quality of product is not just a little bit, but WAY better than anything else out there.
That's when I understood the difference.

After doing all the research and seeing the massive impact it had on our lives, health, and mental wellness, I couldn't keep these babies a secret! I launched my business in November 2015 and have since seen the lives of close to 1000 people/households become toxic-free and naturally living. SUCH a blessing! All because of that kid. 

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