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Let's Save You Some Money, Mmkay?

You know how when you save money on something, it pretty much gives you PERMISSION to buy something super awesome just for you?


Like a new journal or some high-end raw chocolate?

If you’re interested in starting your essential oil journey with me, here’s how you’ll save your pretty pennies. 

With dōTERRA you get an annual membership and all your oils are 25% off! PLUS, join their sweet little monthly rewards program (think

subscription box, but YOU get to pick what you want to go in it each month!) and receive an added 10-30% off! WHAT? So up to 55% off?? I know, crazy.


(do you see what I did there? I should actually make this into a real infomercial…)

They’ve packaged up the top oils, WAIVED the membership fee, AND FURTHER DISCOUNTED the oils! High fives! 

Now let’s get serious for a sec.

I’m in love with dōTERRA because the sweet owners want SO MUCH for your lives to be changed by these oils the same way they’ve changed their own.
When you buy a bottle of oil, you’re not only supporting the health and wellness of your family, but that of those in countries
Want to see what I mean? Check out this video. If you’re in a rush, scroll to 5min 30 seconds in. I get teary every time. 
Now that you’ve dried your eyes, back to the oils! So these packaged oils are called Enrolment Kits. You buy one, you don’t have to pay the initial membership fee. Check 'em out below! 
00 essential oils.jpg

Budget DIY Kit

For a membership fee of $42 CDN or $35 USD, you can enrol for a dōTERRA wholesale account and gain access to all products at 25% off.


There’s no minimum spend, no monthly order requirements and no lock-in contracts of any kind. Simply pay the enrolment fee and then order as much (or as little) as you want. It’s a la carte shopping!


Each year, there’s a $30 CDN/$25 USD renewal fee and you get a free bottle of Peppermint Oil as you renew. This is perfect for those who want to customise their own pack.

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When you enrol, here's what you get!

~ Access to our SWEET community of awesome people

~ Get support from yours truly

~ Receive a Wellness Consultation over the phone once your oils arrive

~ Access to our VIP Facebook group

~ A mailed package of some goodies just from me

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