My dōTERRA Story

See this kid in the pic - that's Avery! He's my first born (2009). He's the reason we're all here on this site right now. Yep, all cuz of a kid.

Even as a new babe, this one refused to have ANY chemicals in the house.

We don't need the long story, so here's the Cole's Notes: He broke out in rashes with any lotion, perfume, soap, detergent, blah blah blah. So this mama had to get crafty.

I mean, I'd made a kid so making our own body care and cleaning products couldn't be TOO hard.

That's where essential oils came into my life - in 2009. I dedicated my new role as a mama to being as natural as possible! And, seriously, I even hugged trees (wait, that sounds like past tense and if we're being honest here, I still do).
Back to the oils - a few years after trying every brand of '100% pure, organic' oils from the health food stores and online, I was told about doTERRA. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was. I had been using a few different brands of the best oils I could find at health food stores and online and I was happy to continue to do so.

I hadn't seen any major health benefits from the various oils I was using and didn't really believe any other brand would be that much different. By this time, I had my second child and was suffering with extremely low moods. I had been advised of many essential oils that would support my moods, but none of them worked.

I was then introduced by another person to dōTERRA. Again, I refused. Oils weren't giving me the support I needed so I didn't want to spend more money on something that wasn't working.

Why would I bother changing to another company? They’re all pretty much the same, right? I mean, an oil is an oil.

A few months later, my sister started using dōTERRA for her anxious feelings. I watched as things shifted for her. She encouraged me to try them myself and I finally said yes.

I was sampled a few oils to try so I could compare. I was pretty skeptical they would be anything more than what I already had. Boy, was I wrong.
Just the initial smell comparison was surprising enough. But when I actually used them to support me mental health and mental wellness, I was blown away. I went from being in the darkest days of my life to coming full circle into myself again. Someone I hadn't seen for 4 years.

It was one thing to see results with myself, but to see them with my boys - INCREDIBLE! There is no placebo affect when it comes to kids and my two were the greatest experiment to compare the purity and potency of doTERRA with my current oils.

I get this question a lot: WHY dōTERRA?

That was my question, too. I mean, how could these oils be SO DIFFERENT in the way they support our body so well compared to the exact same oils on the shelves of health food stores or from other well-known companies online?

Well, there are a few reasons and they all add up to make the impact no other comes close to. I wrote an entire blog post on this, so you can catch the reasons why right here.

9 months after using dōTERRA's oils

Within 9 months of using the oils as a customer, I couldn't keep these oils a secret anymore. I knew there was an opportunity to sell the oils and decided it was time to share the love.

In November 2015 I decided to jump in and become a Wellness Advocate - teaching others about natural wellness and how to support their families by removing toxins.

My journey of building this beautiful business has been nothing but life-changing! To watch other mamas on their journey to shift into a natural lifestyle is the most rewarding work!

And to partner with a company who's core mission is to disrupt the world's healthcare system and bring light to millions...well, there's nothing more heart-led I'd rather be a part of.

Future of Wellness

As dōTERRA's mission continues to build around the world, it's time to jump on the train. The early adapters of living this natural lifestyle are now spreading it to the masses.

Together, we will shift from a broken healthcare system to one that is supportive of the WHOLE person. Mind. Body. Spirit.

I feel SO BLESSED to be a part of the movement! If this pulls on your heart, check in with me and let's chat.