How to Make Aromatherapy Jewelry

When I was 23, I quit my teaching job to start a jewelry business. And not just ANY jewelry business. Jewelry for pets.

Yes, that's right. Pets.

Now, before you lol, it was a SUPER cute biz! And I was super ahead of my time. Because a short time later, it became a trend. Once the dollar stores got a hold of this idea a year later, I was out of business.

However, my LOVE for making jewelry has never left me. I could sit and bead things

But, you know, I've got classes to teach and lives to change! So instead I make bracelets only once in awhile.

How to make aromatherapy bracelets
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Why Aromatherapy Jewelry Is So Awesome

1. You become a walking diffuser.

2. You can hide oils within your jewelry, which is helpful if you want to wear a citrus oil and plan to be outside in the sun.

3. You don't look crazy sniffing your wrists. I mean, everyone else is doing it.

4. The lava beads hold the oil aroma well.

Now that you know WHY you need to make one, here's the how-to!

How To Make An Aromatherapy Bracelet

Step One

Gather your supplies. They would be:

I LOVE using a bracelet board because I can make various sizes for children to adults without measuring anyone's wrists!

These make amazing gifts (birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, oil-lover day...that's a thing I'm sure), so if you feel like this is right up your alley, splurge on the board!

As for beads, holy moly are there ever a LOT you can find out there! This is a perfect set for beginners, as it includes various gemstones as well as the lava beads (you've gotta have those!).

You can also purchase separately. Look for beads 8mm in diameter. The main bead you need is the lava stone, but you might also love:

Step Two

Let's build the bracelet! If you have a bead board, take out the beads you like and arrange them. Always start with the starter bead - that's why they call it that! Mine is the silver, diamond-shaped one on the bottom.

I tend to make two or three arrangements before I find one I like. I sometimes like to use baby spacer beads in between certain beads, which I do in this one!

Step Three

Now it's time to use your cord. Cut an 8-10 inch piece and pop your starter bead on first. Then continue around the circle adding each bead.

TIP! I like to add a piece of tape at the end of my cord so beads don't fall off. My kids like to make these bracelets, too, so this tip is an important one if you're working with kids!

Step Four

Time for the trickier part - tying the knot! First, tie a regular knot and then STRETCH the cord while keeping the knot in place. Then DOUBLE knot it and repeat the stretching. It's the stretching part the secures the knots.

Once you've secured the knot, cut the cord. You're now left with a little double knot - as shown below in pic 3. Let's hide this little guy!

What you're going to do is pull the cord so the knot moves into the spacer bead. In picture 3 below, I had to pull the cord to the right so the knot pulled into the spacer bead. Then - ALL DONE!

YOU DID IT!!! Yay you! I'm so proud!

How to Use Essential Oils on Your Aromatherapy Bracelet

This is an IMPORTANT step. So many people are putting oil drops right onto their bracelet and that can affect the cord. We don't want the cord to break, right?

Unless you made a wish when you tied the knot. In that case, if the knot slips out and the bracelet breaks, your wish comes true. There's a positive experience in every negative.

But here's how to do it for realz.

  • put a drop of oil in the palm of your hand

  • rub your hands together

  • add your bracelet to your hand

  • roll it back and forth in your palm to distribute the oils across all lava beads

Now you're ready to wear it!

If you've followed these steps to make your own, I'd LOVE to see it! Email me or tag me in social media @monicalavella so I can be inspired!!


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