3 Supplements For Plant-Based Eaters to Thrive

Back in 2011 when I first moved to a plant-based diet, I thought supplements were a scam. I believed they were filled with junk (which most are!) and I didn't believe I needed them.

I mean, I was eating organic (as much as I could), non-GMO foods and was getting MORE than enough fruits and veggies.

I was certain I was good.

A Couple of Years Later...

As the years went on (ahem...as I got older) things started to shift.

I had lower moods.

I lacked energy.

I was catching a LOT of colds.

I was having a lot of pain in my joints, unexplained (medically) by the variety of tests my doctor gave me.

It wasn't until I was reflecting on my health that I realized it was tied into some of the things I was missing in my diet.

👉 Now hold your horses. I know what you're thinking and I am NOT saying this has anything to do with being plant-based. This has everything to do with our food system.

Our Current Food System

Our food system is lacking in nutrients. It's such a shame, but if we look at the nutrients found in foods over 100 years ago vs the nutrients found today - it's different. With current farming practices, the soil has been sucked dry of the nutrients plants need.

If the plants aren't getting it from the soil, then we aren't getting it from the plants we eat.

And don't get me started on processed foods.

With Lack of Nutrients

So what starts to happen to our bodies when we lack nutrition? Well, there are a few things:

  • poor immunity

  • weaker bones

  • cognitive decline

  • lack of energy

  • joint issues

Hrmm...so it seemed I was actually lacking in nutrients. A problem we all have, but have become so used to living this way, we don't really realize what it's like to live FILLED with the things our bodies need. It was time for me to look into supplementation.

What I Was Looking for in a Supplement

With the research I began to do, I realized I was ALL WRONG about supplementation.

Well, mostly wrong.

I was right about the scam part. There were (and still are) mostly synthetic supplements on the market that are filled with things our bodies won't absorb or can't use. Fairy dust, as it's called in the supplement industry.

Plus, I was looking for a VERY specific type of supplement. Not only did I want something to fully support my body, but I wanted supplements that were:

  • vegan/plant-based - obviously

  • non GMO - because I didn't want anything where the genetics had been tampered with

  • bioavailable - which means my body can use the nutrients right away without requiring other things to help absorb nutrients

  • affordable - I knew what I was looking for was upwards of $250+USD when I purchased multiple, high-quality, vegan supplements from health food stores and I was hoping for something more affordable on a monthly basis

  • simple/easy to take - I didn't want to have to purchase 20 bottles of supplements to get what I needed, I wanted something that was easier

  • whole food based - having a whole-food based supplement was important because I wanted to steer away from the synthetics that weren't in line with what my body needed

  • sustainable - personally, this is an important thing to me when I purchase products (for a product and a company)

That seemed like an impossibly long list, but I was determined to find something.

I wanted my energy back. I wanted my moods to be lifted. I wanted to feel less pain.

The Supplements That Changed My Life

Drum roll, please.

I was already using dōTERRA's essential oils when they came out with this supplement line, so I was very familiar with their quality as a company. But when I saw that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the things I was looking for in a supplement was included in this pack, I was blown away.

Vegan Microplex

This sweet bottle pumps you with all the nutrients you're missing, including 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Remember how much of this we're missing in our food? This will top you up!

vEO Mega

Aside from all the amazing stuff you'll see listed in the pic, these omegas help to balance out what we're typically getting in our diet. We don't get nearly as many omega 3s to counter balance the omegas 6s, causing so many of the diseases today.

These little guys take care of that on the daily so you no longer need to worry!

Alpha CRS+

We've all heard about why antioxidants are important, right? But do we really know why?

Well, antioxidants prevent the oxidization of our cells. Oxidization = aging. Aging = all the stuff that comes with it. We want our cells replicating in a HEALTHY way and no mis-functioning, you got me?

The coolest part about these supplements is that scientists researched the typical diet of vegans in North America and filled in the spots where we're missing support. WHAT?! Didn't I tell you they're the coolest?

Also, if you were to take these supplements from a different country, they'd have different amounts of vitamins based on the typical food eaten in THAT country. I know, crazy amazing.

What Happened Next...

...was nothing. Literally nothing. I began to take the supplements and didn't notice any changes. However, I decided to stay on them for awhile because I knew how much goodness my body was getting anyway.

A few months later we went away. I forgot my supplements at home. No big deal, I thought. Nope.

Within 3 days I began to feel stiff and tired. My mood began to shift. What the heck?!

I didn't want to think it was from not taking the supplements. It was too crazy to think that we are lacking so much in our food that one little supplement pack could support my body with what it needed.

I got home and started taking them again and my body responded. I felt great again, my energy was back!

Still skeptical, a few months later I decided to stop using them for a few days. Same response by my body. I realized they had worked on me the whole time, but since the transition out of my issues was SO slow moving I didn't even realize what was taking place!

Ok, So How Much Are They?

I know, you're sold, right? So here we go.

The price actually blew my mind. As I stated earlier, I would have spend more than $250 to get supplements that are somewhat comparable to what I'd get in this line. And that's not even the fun part.

To purchase each of these individually, it would be about $225 retail for a month's supply. But instead they came out with a trio pack called the Lifelong Vitality Supplement Pack. They dropped the price to $119 retail! That's over $100 in savings!!


Oh my...I sound like one of those commercials!! It's true though, there is actually more.

If you have a dōTERRA yearly membership ($35 USD), they drop the price to their wholesale price of $89.50 for a month's supply!

Hold up. So the price went from $225 down to $89.50? Yes, that's correct. Saving you $135. Now, what else can you do with that $135?

Because here's the thing: I'd rather spend money on my health now than BEING sick later (from not caring for my body now), don't you agree?

My fav part about you ordering them with a membership is that they give you a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't have more energy and vitality, they'll give you your money back, no questions asked. So really, what do you have to lose?

In The End

I've now been on these beauties since they were released in 2016. The impact they've made on my body is huge and I'll never go off of them.

For the whole story - and to learn more about ordering the vegan Lifelong Vitality Pack, check out the video below (and the sweet offer at the end!).

If you're ready to dive in, click on this link to add the Lifelong Vitality to your cart!


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