5 Things We All Do With Our Essential Oils {but don't want to admit}

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

You read that right. And I bet you're wondering right now...'what could I possibly do that I wouldn't admit to?'. I dare you to read on and not giggle in agreeance to at least ONE of these!

If you don't, then you must not love your oils enough...

THING 1: Continuing to use empty bottles. I did this with my bottle of Peppermint this morning. Making my smoothie, it always needs that extra energy boost. I reach for my Peppermint - that I STILL haven't replaced with a new bottle from my stash upstairs - and give it a little shake. Then a harder shake. Then I whack the back. Yes! I'm certain a drop came out! I'll replace it tomorrow. {no I won't}

THING 2: Pretending we're out of Frankincense because we don't want to share. You know, when you're friend comes over and tells you how GREAT your skin looks and you tell her that it's your homemade face cream that you make with just coconut oil and Frankincense. And then she asks that question. 'Can you make ME some???'. 'Uhhhh...I'm out of Frankincense?'. Sorry, lady.

THING 3: Telling everyone we know (and don't) that there's an oil for that. Because there is. You're standing in line at the grocery store and the lady in front of you continues to cough. 'Excuse me, miss? I'm hearing you cough and I've got this miracle in a bottom here...in fact, oh look! I've got a perfect sample for you just sitting here in my purse!'. You're at your annual family reunion picnic and someone scrapes their knee. 'Let me grab my Owie Spray, we wouldn't want that to get all infected on you'. You're at your sister's, best friend's, cousin's party and someone ate too many appetizers. 'Why don't you run to the bathroom and rub this oil all over your belly?'. We aren't crazy, we just care. And THEY WORK!

THING 4: Having our own stash. We've all got our go-to oils that we don't want anyone else in the house to use. For me, it's Arise, Green Mandarin, and Magnolia. Those are MINE. They remain hidden in a place I won't share. Who knows if my kids or hubby may read this.

THING 5: Not using our oils. The second little Johhny gets sick, we are all OVER him with oils. Or our best friend, next door neighbour, family dog. Then it's our turn. We wake up, feel a bit run down and we're like 'Nah, I'm good. It's too much work to put oil in a veggie cap'. Day two rolls around and we finally decide to use our oils. Then we feel so much better later that day so we stop. Three days later, we're run down again. We are the worst at not using our oils.

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