How to Prep for Leadership

I'm SO EXCITED! Leadership Retreat is around the corner and I can barely stand the wait!

That, and the fact that I'll be spending a bunch of time on the beach the week after.

Seriously, though. Leadership is game-changing for your dōTERRA biz. Last year was my first year and, as a new Silver, I was struggling with what it meant to lead.

Leadership changed that.

My biggest 'ah-ha' moments

* as a leader, I need to be my AUTHENTIC self

* spread love everywhere (that was and IS me and hearing that gave me goosebumps)

* leading DOESN'T mean telling people what to do or managing them

* leading DOES mean listening, supporting, loving, modelling, living authentically as who you are to be in this life

What made Leadership awesome

* it wasn't specific to products or training, it was targeted to how to LEAD effectively

* we were split into groups based on our current rank, which offered us a chance to learn specifically to the challenges we currently faced

* they had a special area for families who were there with children (my boys' homeschool lessons that week focused solely on oils!) and it was AMAZING

This year I'm attending as a Gold leader. New take-ways to come this time WOOT WOOT!

Here's how to prep for dōTERRA Leadership

There are a few must-haves at Leadership. Those being: oils, snacks, and clothes (in order of my personal importance).


I bring almost all of my oils when I travel, but in my purse actually AT Leadership, you'll find these:

Lemon, Slim & Sassy, Wild Orange: my glass water bottle will be switching up these flavours, while offering the cleansing benefits of citrus. Not to mention my Wild Orange in a scent tent when I hit that 3:00 wall and need some energy!

Frankincense and Copaiba: 2 drops of each in a capsule every morning, just like Dr. Hill recommended at Convention in September! The difference it's made for me...holy moly! I'll be taking notes like a CHAMP!

DigestZen: Because sometimes I snack on too much guac and my belly tells me it's time to stop that. Stop that right now.

On Guard Beadlets: One a day keeps the germies away!

Peppermint Beadlets: To go along with my Wild Orange at 3pm.

Motivate and Cheer: My current fav for PUREfume! Keeps me...well...Motivated and Cheery!

Slim & Sassy Gum: Although I don't chew gum often (chewing gum preps the digestive system for food, which it doesn't get, and it wastes digestive juices for nothing...which you only produce a certain amount of each day....I know, too much info), once in awhile I'll take 10 minutes to enjoy a good chew. And THIS is the gum to do that with (reasons why you don't want to eat aspartame is for another post).

On Guard Lozenges: Sometimes one needs an added bit of On Guard coating their throat.

Deep Blue: My hubby calls me 'the mule' because I'm always carrying around a ton of things {notebooks, snacks, kid's stuff, oil-product purchase, aaaaand so on} so Deep Blue and I are besties.

What's missing? Well, Peppermint and Past Tense. Why? Because I couldn't find where I put them before taking this really pretty pic.


As a gluten-free vegan, I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to healthy snacking. Snacking's my jam.

And not only do I pack for myself, but I've got my 3 boys (hubby included) to pack for, too.

My go-to's when it comes to snacks at Leadership are (not limited to the pic above):

Nuts and Seeds: Either make your own or buy a trail mix. We LOVE a mix of almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. We mix them with some Tamari (GF version of soya sauce) and spices and bake for about 15 minutes at 350. {shout out to one of my beautiful builders, Lauren, for the amazing recipe!}

Fruits: Bananas and clementines and apples, oh my! Easy snacking. Pick your fav.

Veggies: Chop them up, pop them in a glass container or mason jar, dip in some single-serve hummus or guacamole. Our go-tos are carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and celery.

Seaweed: Excellent source of iron, iodine, zinc, and more! I used to hate it, but then I gave it a chance, used some positive affirmations, and now I polish off a whole container on my own.

Granola: Love Crunch...omg...if you haven't had it, go to the grocery store now! Super yummy, special treat, bring a spoon. Not gluten-free, but I'll sneak a bit anyway. If I have too much, I'll break out, regret it, and turn to HD Clear. Worth it anyway.

Veg Protein Bars: 15grms of protein for my kids gives about half their daily dose. So when we're learning all day long, this is a handy snack to keep tummies full.

Raisins: Who doesn't like raisins??? Well, my oldest. Which means more for the rest of us!

Applesauce: Super easy snack. Unsweetened is the way to go, organic is best.

I'll bring extras of everything if you want to join me in snack time.


What do I wear??

That was my question, too. My answer: DO YOU!

Wear what's comfortable. This is my style.

Flats: no, I won't wear heels...not even to my wedding...I wore white flip flops #truestory. And no one cared. Why? Because I was ME! #authentic #toomanyhashtags

Comfy pants: I recently fell in love with Lululemon. Current fav comfy pants.

A cute tank top: I'm obsessed with tank tops. You can wear them year round (yep, even in Canada I'll wear tank tops about 95% of the time) and just pop on a sweater to go with it.

A light sweater: In case the temperature is cold in the conference centre. But cold means nothing when you're coming to Orlando/Long Beach from the north.

Aromatherapy jewelry: Lot of them. Because that's how I roll.

I made a packing/prepping checklist for you, but then I didn't love the design so I made another. And now you have TWO checklists to choose from! YAY YOU!

Checklist one

Checklist two

Print the one you like the most and use it to help pack. See you there!


Want to know more about essential oils?

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