How I Built My Successful Network Marketing Business with 2 Boys at Home: and what you can learn fro

Two years ago I was a VERY busy mom, homeschooling two boys and running a major food festival in our big city. I had recently become a wholesale customer of dōTERRA and was LOVING my essential oils! In fact, they had drastically changed our lives.

Within a few months we removed all toxic cleaners and over the counter ickiness and replaced them with quick, easy and inexpensive DIY products. Diffusing the oils offered more focus and uplifting of moods in our house. AMAZING!

Part of me wanted to start teaching other people about these beautiful essential oils that had brought so much wellness into our home. But how on EARTH could I pull it all off??

My hubby had his own very successful company and I wasn't about to add more to my plate and take on just any random business. I already had my annual festival and homeschooling my sweet little guys was first priority.

But I’m hyper organized…I said to myself.

It would be SELFISH to keep these essential oils to myself and NOT offer them to others when I know what they did for us….I convinced myself.

But are you missing out on an opportunity to align with something that comes so naturally because you’re worried about TIME? Are you willing to pass up a business that will allow you to live out your purpose and model that road for your children?…I asked myself.

So I decided to dive in.

Here we are a year and a half later with a very successful dōTERRA business (how do you define success?...I define it by not having financial stress, being able to travel all over the world as we do, live on our own terms). My boys are involved in helping prep for classes, come to conferences with me, and we even incorporate the essential oils in our homeschool routine (I mean, seriously, how FUN is it to create 'potions' to go with our Harry Potter study?!?!).

How did I do it all? That's the juicy part. Let me share the simple tips I used and that YOU can use, too.

1. Get organized. Go out and buy yourself an inspiring, pretty planner. Or find an app if you're not a pen and paper kind of gal (or guy...who am I to leave the men out of this?). I *may* have also started a planner biz with my sister at the beginning of my dōTERRA journey because I KNEW I needed something to suit all my needs if I was going to kill it in this business. Whatever it is, find something that will keep all your goals, lists, dreams, aspirations, meal plans - ALL OF IT - in one place.

2. Involve your kids. Don't let your children be your excuse why you don't follow your dreams. Let them be your WHY. As I mentioned above, have your kids help with your business. I've even seen some ladies teach WITH their babies in hand. When our children see us rise up to be all we are meant to be, they learn to do the same. They learn to follow THEIR dreams. They see your determination and hard work. There's no better lesson than from their mama!

3. Create daily habits. There are a few amazing books on this, one being The Slight Edge. This book explains that doing SMALL things every day will be what gets you from where you are to where you want to be. I read this when I first started my dōTERRA journey and I don't think any other book was more impactful because of that SIMPLE lesson. Do those small daily tasks that are easy to do, but also easy NOT to do (so just do them, k??).

4. Make a schedule (then stick to it). Don't get me wrong - your schedule will change all.the.time, but having one in place will set your expectations and that of your family. I will find a schedule that works for us, but a couple months later it changes again. You can see my schedule in this business guide. Find what works for your family and be open to change when it's needed.

5. Work in chunks. This is a GREAT technique for those who really feel like they have no time. Take a few 15 minute chunks throughout the day where you work WITHOUT DISTRACTION (this is key) and you focus on one thing. Maybe it's replying to emails, perhaps it's following up with a few people. Whatever it is, time yourself for 15 minutes and get it DONE. Highly focused time will produce solid results.

6. Find a mentor. This is key. In most network marketing companies, your mentor is your upline. I'm blessed to have my sister as my upline who guided me through the initial parts of my business. I am now mentoring my leaders as they find their feet in their business and it's a beautiful thing to watch women step into their strengths, break through their comfort zones, and be all who they are meant to be in this world!

7. Move with the seasons. There will be seasons of hustle and then seasons of graceful observance. The key is to move where you are pulled. For weeks I would be staying up at all hours reading personal development books, while other weeks I would feel the need to be more in person teaching lots of classes and meeting up with people. Trust your instincts and go where you feel drawn to go. Your intuition is never wrong in guiding you.

If you aren't already involved in network marketing and this article has sparked some interest what this business could look like for you, check out this business guide. I am currently growing my tribe of beautiful souls who are ready to grow, find their purpose, and make a difference. I'd love to hear from you.

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