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This was me in 2015
- wanting to DITCH household toxins for good
- looking for plant-based remedies for colds, coughs, headaches, digestive support, respiratory support, pain management, skin issues, mood balancing, and sleep support
- wanting something natural that actually worked (and was actually natural!)
- looking for added health benefits in our meals

Does this sound like you, too??

health canada


They are Certified Pure Tested Grade® essential oils and have had the Natural Health Product STAMP of approval, so you know they ACTUALLY work! 

Betcha didn't know you could use these miracle-in-a-bottle oils for all that's ailing ya!


essential oils don't treat, prevent or cure

Lifestyle PREVENTS disease

Doctors TREAT symptoms and fix broken parts

The body CURES dis-ease and heals itself

Our bodies use essential oils as a tool for support, relief, cleansing, purifying, protection, and oh so much more!


I first fell in love with the oils by way of aromatic usage for those anxious feelings I used to always get.


It's quite a fascinating process, actually! Love science? I don't. But I'm going to share some with you anyway.


When we inhale an essential oil, it goes through out nostrils (what a funny word that is, when you think about it) to our olfactory gland (I literally used to think of a factory in my nose when I first heard this term as a kid) and then to our limbic system. 


This sweet limbic system is responsible for our memories, emotions, and moods. You definitely want to keep this system happy with essential oils! They balance everything out.

Depending on the message the teeny compounds in essential oils send to our limbic system, we can feel uplifted or calm, motivated or grounded, peaceful or passionate (oh la la). 

Ways you can use essential oils aromatically are:
- inhaling right from the bottle
- 3-5 drops in a cold mist diffuser

  (don't heat these babies or they

  lose their effectiveness) 
- 1 drop mixed into your skin care    

- a drop in your hand and inhaling

  (we call this a Scent Tent!)

I LOVE to diffuse my oils instead of using toxic air freshness - the house always smells amazing. It's my fav way to balance my moods (and those of my boys!) and I make my own custom PUREfume.  


Internal use! Yey! Now, let's be super clear, this is only for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. I don't want you heading to the dollar store and grabbing a lavender for $5 and use it. No way, Jose!   

You can tell by checking the label which oils can be used as a dietary supplement. They support so many health conditions - just remember that you only need a drop or two. It's that whole 'less is more' thing. 


Ways you take essential oils internally are:

- a drop in an empty veggie

  capsule and swallow with water

- a drop in a shot glass of water

  (yes, water)
- a drop under the tongue

I use many different oils in my cooking as well! Just remember that if you actually heat the oil, it will lose it's medicinal super power. Still has the taste, though! 

Some ways I LOVE to add essential oils to food are:

- a drop of Peppermint in a green   smoothie

- a drop of Wild Orange in  

  homemade chocolate

- a toothpick amount of Oregano

  in pasta sauce 

- a drop of Cilantro in guacamole 

- a drop of Basil in a detox parsley salad 



Applying essential oils topically means to place it directly on an area of the body, let's say for cuts or joint/muscle pain. 

Did you know that you can increase the effect of an essential oil when you apply it with a carrier oil?? That's right! Only 1 or 2 drops of an essential oil in a dab of carrier oil will offer you amazing effects in minutes! Oh, and it helps with skin sensitivity issues, too.


Wondering what a carrier oil is? They include any vegetable-based oil like: coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil, or hey, even olive oil if it's all you've got! We add a wee dab of a carrier oil to a drop of an essential oil and rub it in. Got a little babe? Google dilution ratios for little ones because their teeny bodies need more carrier oil than us big peeps do.

We use oils topically most often on the bottom of our feet, shoulders, forehead/temples, and on our necks. I'm talking headaches, back pain, joint pain, respiratory support, yada yada yada (ever seen that Seinfeld episode?).

I use them daily with coconut oil for a face moisturizer and with shea butter for homemade lotion! 

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